• Confession #683
    "I like to eat double the amount of meat that 
    I should just so that I know there's one vegan
    out there wasting their time" 
    Winston Park, Durban 
  • Confession #1084
    “My ex got me a promise ring and 
    I tried to throw it away when we 
    broke up. But my dad wouldn't let me
    and now he wears it as a pinky ring.”
  • Confession #1211
    “So our online classes have started and my 
    best friend and I have decided to go half half
    on the work”
  • Confession #1212
    “My boyfriend is a cheat, and I'm too scared 
    to break up with him cause he's got my damn 
  • Confession #1207
    “I'm repeating my 4th year at varsity
    but I really want to quit and pursue
    my passion for videography but my 
    mom wont let me”
  • Confession #1201
    “I've been dating this girl for over a year
    now, I've lost interest in her but I don't 
    know how to break up with her after I've become
    close with her parents”
  • Confession #1198
    “yo, I have a birthmark on my ass and an
    old blister from when my mom hit me too
    hard, now I'm embarrassed about my ass cause
    it looks like I don't wipe properly 😭”
  • Confession #1196
    “So once I was at someone's house and threw my tampon in the toilet
    but the toilet didn't want to flush and I panicked so I pulled the toilet paper
    and the tampon out the toilet and threw it out the window. Desperate times call for desperate measures”
  • Confession #1195
    “I gave my mom some advice for something
    and now she thinks we best friends she's asking me
    to cook with her and I'm just like 🌚 bitch I aint forget
    you didn't let me go out the last day before lockdown.”
  • Confession #1186
    “Most girls post pictures of them
    with castle lite bottles and think
    it'll get them guys but most guys
    don't like girls who drink beer”
  • Confession #1184
    “My step mom caught me wanking
    and trust me it's nothing like porn videos.”
  • Confession #1171
    “I haven't bathed or showered once
    since the beginning of lockdown.”
  • Confession #1158
    “My mom thinks I am still in college and truth 
    is I'm staying with a friend in Potch just to get my shit together. 
    Last semester was rough and I dropped out. ”
  • Confession #1113
    “So everyone has been posting that they miss
    their boyfriend or girlfriend during quarantine,
    but I genuinely don't miss my girl at all and I've
    been thinking of her friend more than her. ”
    Westrand Johannesburg
  • Confession #1052

    "I wanna breakup with my
    boyfriend everytime I'm drunk”

  • Confession #1054

    "I have cheated in every relationship and
    every situationship I've ever been in”

    Stellenbosch University
  • Confession #1015
    "I'm going to Its Personal on Saturday and I invited my girl
    and she didn't have enough cash to come, so I've invited another
    girl who thinks I'm single and she is coming. But my girlfriend has
    now got money for a ticket and is now coming aswell. ”
  • Confession #975
    "Literally thowing a party at my house
    in hopes that a girl will decide to sleep over
    by me so I could cuddle because I'm lonely as fuck”


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