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Park Like An Asshole - Pack of 50

Park Like An Asshole - Pack of 50

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Tired of Terrible Parking? Speak Up Without Speaking!

Fed up with inconsiderate parking? Our "You Park Like an Asshole"  cards are the perfect way to let bad parkers know they need to step up their game – no confrontation needed!


  • Direct & Clear: Sends a bold message to inconsiderate parkers.
  • Durable & Premium: High-quality cardstock that lasts.
  • Compact & Ready: Easy to keep in your car and use whenever you need it.
  • Pack of 50 or 100: Plenty to go around for all the offenders out there!

How to Use: Just slip one under the windshield wiper or place it on the window. Instant satisfaction without the hassle.

Delivery takes 2-3 working days.

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